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Pre-Engineered Metal Building

Utilizing this leading technology allows us to provide efficient and functional structures for a wide range of industries, usually resulting in quicker completion times and cost savings. But that’s not all. Steel is one of the strongest and most cost-effective building materials available. It is 100% recyclable and resistant to mold, corrosion, and termites, making it more durable with a longer lifespan than traditional wood-built structures.

Pre-engineered Metal Building components are fully engineered and manufactured offsite using strict quality control guidelines, adhere to pre-determined dimensions, and then are shipped to and assembled on your job site. PEMB’s are custom engineered to your specifications, meet or exceed design load requirements, offer architectural flexibility in exterior finishes, are energy-efficient, cost efficient, and provide ease of future expansion.

With all the benefits of a PEMB, it is easy to see why this is quickly becoming a top choice for new construction and expansions.

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Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings (PEMB)
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